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Exceeded expectations

My first time using fake eye lashes and was excited about using no glue but a magnetic eye-liner instead. The application part is so easy and looks just as great as having it done in the shops, if not better. Only difference is you can choose when you want to wear them and can take then off whenever. I feel fabulous in them and think they are so worth the money spent. I think the price is reasonable, seeing as I paid $120 for extensions which lasted only 2 days. I have the perfection set on in the photo but bought the 3 (pixy, perfection & heartbreaker) can't wait to use all 3. Thank you AddictaLash! Surely safe to say I'm addicted to my lashes now! :)

Pixy Lashes

I absolutely love these lashes! I’m not big on crazy long lashes so the pixy was perfect for me. They enhance my eyes without feeling heavy or irritating and so easy to apply!

Absolutely unbelievably gorgeous

I'm 44 and have never worn fake lashes because I was too scared to even try. I decided that addictalash made it look so easy to use these. I also loved that it's a local Australian brand and purchased my lashes. I finally decided to give them a try. I simply can't do liquid eyeliner, so I took the little bottle and got out the wand and started to draw my line and it actually worked perfectly and beautifully. I was giddy with excitement. I then did another layer, waited for them to dry and grabbed my lashes. I could absolutely not believe it when they just clung on and looked incredible. I thought I would need to trim them, that I would never get them on and it took me less than 1 minute to apply them. And I sent photos to my friends praising these glorious lashes. Since then I have told anyone that will listen to buy these lashes. I'm 100% converted and in LOVE with my lashes ❤️

Amazing magnetic Lashes!

These magnetic lashes changed my life! I am 30 years old and I never been able to apply false lashes. However, after saw an ad about it, I decided to give it go to Addictalash. So astonished and glad I did. The lashes are looking so naturalllll and absolutely mistake proof. I am obsessed. I'll order more styles!

Very Happy !

Easy to use and I'm very happy with them, order came quick too. I chose the Pixy lashes 😍

Doesn't irritate my eyes

I have never been able to use false eyelashes, I have an autoimmune condition and my eyes are super sensitive to glue etc, my eyes react to most hypoallergenic products. I was a bit worried about buying this, just in case the same thing happened, but I've had absolutely no problems with this whatsoever. The lashes are super easy to apply and stay all day. I'm addicted, can't go a day without wearing them now. The only problem I have is with the actual eyeliner itself.
It sets like PVA glue when it's dry, and it does tend to pull out a lot of your eyelashes when you try and remove it, even oil doesn't really take it off properly. Still won't stop me using the product I do love it, and that's my only complaint.

cannot recommend addictalash enough

First attempt using any magnetic lashes, these are the Pixy set!
So easy, no messy glue, smooth eyeliner- too easy for a wing! Absolutely in love! Addictalash Customer service is beyond incredible! I had a small enquiry on a set I received and within minutes have it resolved, sorted and new ones sent out. cannot recommend addictalash enough! ♡

Best most natural lashes

I’ve tried a heap of brands and addictaLash is by far the best, easy to use, natural looking, so many compliments wearing these.

Fabulash 🤩

Delivery shipped well about 3 days ago 👍 Communication is superb 👌 Purchased the PERFECTION and HEARTBREAKER magnetic lash kit with a little gift given by Addictalash 😍 I am a beginner, have tried on my lashes and wow AMAZING 🤩 I must say, I didn't do to bad for a first timer 😂 👍 I am in love with my beauty lashes and love how they are presented in these small colourful glittery box perfect for the lashes to stand out. I have been posting up alot on my Instagram and Facebook stories to show all my lovelies the lashes and with them applied on and boom my phone has blown up with loads of messeges wanting to buy ☺️ Addictalash has also given me tips and advice on how to and what to do with the lashes which I found very helpful 😊 I even applied the wind test and OMG it is AMAZING 🙌👏 So what are you waiting for 😂 go purchase them beauties 😍 Thank you so much Addictalash for making this easy for me with no glue and no mess for sure 🤩 I will be purchasing more 🥰 Highly recommended A++++ ♥️😍🤩👌👍🙌🥰💕😘💯

The easiest, the best !

My AddictaLashes came so quickly in the mail and they are the EASIEST lashes I’ve ever applied! They stay on all day and all night and don’t budge at all until I actually take them off! I went skateboarding for a full day in them and then wore them into the evening and they didn’t come loose one bit! The eyeliner is also amazing it’s really sharp so my liner comes out so crispy and pointy! Also my FAVOURITE thing about this brand is that it’s cruelty-free and vegan! Companies that care about animals are the kind of companies you want to support! Thanks, AddictaLash 💖

I love them !

Fast delivery! And I love the lashes! Took me a little to learn how to apply them right but they’re super cute and feel so much lighter than when using glue. Easy to take off, I used coconut oil to take the liner off 🌈 I’m also extremely sensitive and didn’t react to the liner at all ✨🙏🏽 will be buying all of the styles 😍 wearing the fleeky lashes here 🤩

Did not budge

For someone who is terrible at fake lashes if I can get them to work anyone can. I did find the eyeliner a little finicky but with practice I’m sure that will improve. But this would be the only negative (and let’s be honest probably user error) Very happy with purchase.


These just came in the mail! I have no other make up on but just tried them on for fun. I’m so in love with them!! 😍

100% recommend!

loved my perfection pair! they are amazing and lasted the whole day 😁

As good as a salon.

Im a 100% a salon eyelashes girl and I think you've turned me! Love them. Few more goes and ill be getting them on in under 5!


The first magnetic lash system out of many I’ve tried that I’m actually happy with! Love it! I have the Hypnotize lashes and they are SEXY!!! It's all in the quality of the magnetic liner and this one is spot on.


oh these are fantastic i just received today and already ordering another pair in a different style!


finally lashes I can wear.. and the style is beautiful. will definitely buy again. 10/10 recommend.

First time false eyelashes

This is the first time that I use false eyelashes and I love these magnetic eyelashes! I'm not used applying eyeliner, I need a little bit practice but the eyeliner is really easy to use. The lashes are really beautiful and the application is so easy. I can finally wear false eyelashes! I bought another pair for my daughter. Love it!

Hypnotize Lashes

Just received these lashes for my birthday and I am obsessed!

As a mum to 3 kids (between 11yo - 5 months old) my makeup routine has pretty much been reduced to my trusty old Australis Eyeliner pencil and a brow pencil, so it was a real treat to receive these.

As a first time lash-wearing and liquid-liner user, these couldn’t have been easier to apply! I had a little trouble initially but that was due to wearing contacts and being legally blind, so everything is hard to see 😂

Would recommend these to anyone! 10/10!!

Heart breaker lashes

I tried the heartbreaker lashes for the first time and my they’re beautiful! These lashes are perfect for a night out or even just a simple lounging at home.

Love this lashes!

The packaging is beautiful and can keep it organized also love it how they look and feel! Perfect for any occasion.


I was a little sceptical about these lashes at first however, after trying them for myself, I can honestly say they are amazing.
The eyeliner dries matte and the lashes stick to it without any issues. You can wear them all day as they are super comfortable!
They are vegan, cruelty free and no glue = no mess. Love love love these!

Love them!!

Best Eyelashes ever... Love them... Easy to use and apply... and Im a novice!! I'm addicted!!

Amazed at the perfection!

Wow, I’ve never used magnetic lashes before and I thought I would muck it up for sure, but honestly these could not have been easier to apply! They looked amazing and everyone thought so at the party I went to! I’m going to be getting the pixie lashes next and I’ve already had friends purchase their sets! Love love love